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Larson Records Management owns it’s fleet of vehicles which eliminates the need for a third party transportation company. Our bonded, insured company drivers can pick up and deliver everything from a single file to 10,000 cartons.Our delivery vehicles have GPS so we can pinpoint delivery or pick-up times if needed.


Larson Records Management recognizes each business has unique needs.  All businesses are not on 9-5, Monday-Friday business model.  We can accommodate your needs.

Store your records in a secure facility

Secure Fast Reliable Delivery and Pick Up service


Larson Records Management Ensures secure online access to your records to keep you in control of your data as if it was onsite.



Larson Records Management is completely alarmed and monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by an off-site security firm for break-ins and fire. Our secure facility is climate controlled, smoke-free and pest free. 

Larson Records Management maintains a CCTV system that has a 60 day archival period. There is a camera at every entrance to our facility as well as the common areas to track visitors and movements within the building. 

Keeping all your records secure and knowing where everything is located as we shuttle files, boxes and transfer cases across the Twin Cities we rely on DHS Worldwide/Total Recall software.

Are you ready to make the change today?

We understand the hassle factor of changing facilities or moving your records offsite.  Let's discuss how Larson Records Management is part of the solution.

Why are Minnesota businesses switching from the "Big" records management companies and choosing Larson Records Management for their document management and storage?

Frustrated business person

Despite terrible customer service, lost files, high prices and hidden fees businesses owners feel stuck with their current "Big" Records Management Company.

Larson Records can make the move manageable >

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