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Why are Minnesota businesses switching from the "Big" records management companies and choosing Larson Records Management for their document management and storage?

Frustrated business person

Despite terrible customer service, lost files, high prices and hidden fees businesses owners feel stuck with their current "Big" Records Management Company.

Larson Records can make the move manageable >

Records Management - Tips and News
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Getting Your Employees Excited About Data Security


Once you have a data security system in place at your office, the next thing you have to do is get your employees excited about it. Building your data security plan into your office culture will be a seamless way to accomplish this! Check out our tips on how to integrate data security into your office culture, to ensure a safe and secure office environment!

Making a Career Pivot


Here we provide tips on how to successfully make a career pivot. This takes planning and time, so make sure to read our tips on how to transition into a new position as smoothly as possible. It's important that you find your career fulfilling, so it doesn't feel like you wasted years of your life doing something you're not passionate about. These tips will help prepare you to make this change!

Legal Liability of Retaining Records for Too Long


if you're a business owner, chances are you've retained sensitive records of some kind throughout your career. Learn more about legal regulations and repercussions behind keeping these records, because today it's illegal to hold onto them for too long. 

Going Beyond Performance Evaluations: 8 Signs It’s Time to Fire an Employee


Getting the right employees in the right seats, doing the right things is harder than it seems.  Here are some signals that it is not working.

Life After Flash Storage: What’s Next?


Right now, flash storage is the force behind all the changes occurring in the data center.

5 Steps to Safely Recycle Your Old Computer


When it comes time to replace an old computer, the excitement of getting a new one may cause us to forget to take the necessary precautions when disposing of the old computer. Taking the necessary steps to protect your data even after you bid good riddance to your computer. There are a number of steps to take other than unplugging the cords and tossing it in the trash.
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