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Top Security Risks for 2017

In 2017, organizations will be much more vigilant in protecting their data and in monitoring data that comes to them from outside sources. But with an increase in technology, comes an increase in risks. Keep reading to learn what the top 10 security concerns are for 2017! Security Risks

Ransomware is Growing – Fast

Hackers are becoming cleverer and because of that, ransomware is spreading like wildfire. In 2016 there was a 172% increase in ransomware. This trend is going to continue so beware.

Devices in the Health Care Are at Risk

There is expected to be an increase in the vulnerability of security for medical devices. This is for 2 reasons. The first is that many devices in hospitals are connected wirelessly. And some devices are connected to older operating systems which are easy targets for hackers.

More Technology, More Problems

By there being more technology devices, increases the number of opportunities for hackers to strike. Especially since many of these devices are not secured properly, if at all.

Drought in the IT Security Field

The health care industry is seeking the best and the brightest for their IT security departments. The shortage of qualified, competent security professionals is an ongoing problem for the healthcare industry. Finding the right candidates was a challenge this year, and that won’t change in 2017.

Increase in IoT & Mobile Devices

The increase in IoT and mobile devices will put service providers at risk for attacks. There’s expected to be 20 billion IoT/mobile devices by the end of 2020, so this problem is just getting started. Expect it to be a security trend for years to come.

The Cloud’s Glory Days Are Coming to an End

I don’t mean people will stop using the cloud. On the contrary, more organizations are going to start relying on the cloud to secure data. While the cloud is a necessary advancement, it also poses a huge security risk. And the day will come when “the cloud” gets hacked. When these flood gates open, we’re sure there will be enough damage.

The Risk of Insiders

Insiders in your organization who either accidentally or deliberately release secured information will always be a risk. To prevent this from accidentally happening, having a training plan in place for your organization’s security protocols. If an employee is deliberately giving away secure information to a hacker for malicious purposes, read the next point.

As much as you screen an employee before hiring them, or train them on your organization’s security protocols, you can’t control if they willingly give away confidential network information. But there are ways to prevent this before it happens. In 2017, managers must start reviewing behavior based analytics. This will make it possible to detect hacks in a more sophisticated manner.

Starting the New Year

All of these problems have been issues in 2016. Just because we flip the calendar to a new year, doesn’t mean we wipe the slate clean of issues that plague the security industry. Every industry has some sort of analytics today. Being more vigilant in whatever your role is will be vital. DDoS attacks like the one we saw in October will become more common, so be aware. Implement a plan in your organization and be prepared!

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