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Going Beyond Performance Evaluations: 8 Signs It’s Time to Fire an Employee

Just because an employee may be checking all the boxes on your company’s performance evaluation, doesn’t mean they’re necessarily doing a good job. They may be completing their given tasks, but the manner in which they carry themselves and interact with the rest of the team may be undermining the work they’re doing on a daily basis. Here are 8 red flags to look for in an employee that may tell-tale signs that they’d be better suited elsewhere.

1. They’re the Office Gossip

Gossip is one of those habits that most people carry with them throughout their life, without realizing the damaging effect it’s having on their environment and their attitude as a whole. Whether it be middle school, high school, college or the workplace – people are bound to gossip. But the difference about gossiping at the workplace compared to the other settings mentioned, is that quite simply the stakes are much higher. Words matter, and when someone is trying to make a living, gossiping in the office does little to help further that goal. It would be a better use of your employee’s time if they were doing something productive to help further the company’s goals rather their tear their co-workers down.

Today, the average full-time working American spends more time at work and with their co-workers than they do at home with their family. If an employee feels the need to be talking about their co-workers (the people they spend the most amount of time with during the week) behind their backs, perhaps it’s time they find a job where they enjoy their co-workers company. Secrets are seldom kept in the office, and if there’s gossiping going around about someone it’s likely going to get back to them, therefore creating unnecessary tension managers will have to deal with.

2. The “The Meeting After the Meeting”

If your employee is building the habit of hosting the meeting after the meeting, instead of saying what they think during the meeting itself – this is a red flag that you should sit down and discuss with them. It undermines and wastes other employees time, who may be under the impression that everyone is on board with they’re idea when in reality that’s not the case. To ensure there is transparent communication in your office, make sure to nip this habit – or employee, in the bud.

3. “That’s not my Job”

This rule is especially important in smaller companies. If you have an employee who is unwilling to go outside their comfort zone for the benefit of the company, they may not be as good of a fit as you once thought. Unless the action you are requesting is unethical, immoral or illegal – they should be able to step up to the plate and help out instead of saying, “that’s not my job.”

4. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow attitude

Just because an employee did something great yesterday, doesn’t excuse them from greatness from that point on. Every day is a new day, a new opportunity to enhance our capabilities. If you feel an employee is starting to coast their way through their job because they did few great things, it may be time to show them the door.

5. Experience Isn’t Everything

Experience without effort will only get an employee so far before others start to deem them incompetent and unreliable. When it comes to experience, quality it greater than quantity. Just because someone has more years invested in a job, doesn’t necessary mean they’re better at it than someone 5 to 10 years younger. It’s all about what you’ve done, not how long you’ve been trying to do it.

6. Peer Pressure, Like Gossip Exists in the Workplace

If you have an employee who is trying to peer pressure your other employees into slacking, this is something that needs to be addressed. This behavior can seep into your business like poison and needs to be managed before your whole team is underperforming. Peer pressure is similar to gossip in that, it’s a habit we learn when we’re young that doesn’t really ever go away even in adulthood. And in the same respect as gossip, it can be more damaging as we get older.

7. They’re Not a Team Player

It’s safe to say that in the workplace, nothing great was ever accomplished alone. This comes down to respecting your co-workers and humbling one’s self. A great idea may be someone’s singularly, but most likely the idea was acted upon and executed successfully through team work. In the professional realm, there are no gold stars to be given out but rather the feeling of know you worked well together with others. The point is: Beware if you have an employee who is a credit seeker, rather than a team player.

8. They’re Not a Team Player: Part II

The same advice applies, when the opposite situation occurs – a project goes badly and you have an employee throwing their co-workers under the bus. A sign of a bad employee, and maybe a bad person in general, is someone who willingly calls out their co-workers mistakes rather than taking one for the team. This is a red flag to always keep your ears perked for as a manager.

Beyond the Performance Evaluation

Although these 8 behavioral signs may not be on your average performance evaluation, they’re important to keep in mind so one apple doesn’t spoil the barrel and you maintain a healthy and productive work environment.

There are many details to consider when running an efficient office. Human capital, operational management and document management are all areas to have a plan and continuously monitor for success in your business.

We can help with document management – give us a call to make space in your office for operations and employees to work efficiently.


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