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Getting Your Employees Excited About Data Security

It's surprising how few employees today are trained in their company's data security system. While it can be an overwhelming concept, it's crucial your employees understand the system and are aware of your company's policies at all times in order to protect your business' sensitive data. Information security used to be viewed as a task for a handful of individuals, rather than the responsibility of the whole team.office culture But with the advances in technology and increased numbers of employees working remotely, it's more important than ever that you make sure everyone on your team is aware of your data security system. Some of the benefits you'll see by making data security a top priority are: 
  • More disciplined operations
  • Increased customer trust
  • Minimized risk
These are three very important parts of running a business, so below we've put together five top tips to integrate data security in your office culture.

Set a Good Example

Rather than have informations security be the responsibility of one department, make it a team effort! A great way to do this is by implementing regular training programs for your employees. Teaching your team how to manage, store and destroy both physical and digital data will let them know that you take your data security plan seriously. 

Making sure your employees are educated in this realm will give them the tools to protect the organization and themselves from theft, fraud, data loss and reputation damage. Making sure the management and C-suite are committed to data security training will encourage the rest of the team to follow through. 

Make Training Habitual, Not Annual

Having regular training is crucial so your employees don't forget what they learned, compared to what they would retain from a once a year training. The keys to a successful training program for data security are repetition and frequency. Having both in-person and digital tools to teach your team will help keep everybody engaged. 

Placing Visual Cues Around the Office

As a daily reminder for your employees, place reminder posters around the office that will give tips on protecting confidential information. Topics such as common workplace errors and areas that are at high risk for a data breach are good topics for these posters to focus on. 

Stepping Outside the Office

With more and more people working remotely, tacts like posters won't work for employees. When you have your employee training on data security, make sure to have a section on destructing information when working remotely. You can also send newsletters, and post reminds on corporate social media feeds to remind employees of their responsibilities even when they're out of the office.

Build It Into Your Office Culture

Put security practices into your daily expectations for employees. These can includes tasks such as a shred-everything policy, where you destroy documents you no longer need. This will also make your office more environmentally friendly! Another practice you can implement is a clean desk policy, which is exactly what it sounds like. When employees make actions like these habits, data security will become a seamless part of your office culture. 

Train Your Team for a Safer, More Secure World! 

Whether you do annual information security trainings with your team, or have not considered it until now -- hopefully these tips have inspired you to re-visit your business' policy on data security. Not enough companies today train their employees properly (or at all) and this puts businesses and employees at major risk. With hackers becoming more and more clever, it's time to start making sure employees everywhere are educated properly to minimize risks. 

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