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Bad Habits That Puts Company Data at Risk

In our last blog, we gave tips on how to get your employees engaged in your company’s data security plan. This week, we’re focusing on dangerous security habits that you and your employees may be engaging in, perhaps even without knowing how risky they are. You can bring these points up during your employee data security meeting, which we hope you consider having for the sake of you and your company’s documents.

Passwords Aren’t for Sharing

Sharing passwords amongst employees is extremely unsecure. By doing so, you’re quite literally giving someone else access to information that they may not be privy too. Instead, if an employee needs access to an account of some sort, have them create their own credentials. In a similar vein, using the same password for multiple accounts makes it easy for hackers to crack into people’s accounts. If you’re concerned about forgetting the many passwords you have to keep track, considering investing in Last Pass, a popular password managing software.

The Wild, Wild Unsecure Web

If you’re using software or a website that has password encryption, make sure you’re on a secure network. It’s important that your company’s network is password protected so outsiders don’t get in and access it. When you have visitors come into the office, you can give them the password to your network. This will be much easier than having to reset or replace the whole network due to a hack. It will also prevent slowdowns caused by external users accessing the network. 

Hoarding Files

We’ve talked about this topic a lot in previous blog posts. As records management professionals, file hoarding is a topic near and dear to our hearts. Holding onto files (both paper and digital) takes up space and is extremely unsecure. Not only is it impractical, but if you hold onto files for too long, you can land yourself in legal trouble. 

The Danger of Unencrypted USB drives

Using an encrypted USB drive is crucial in case you lose it. If you lose an unencrypted USB drive anyone who finds it can access all of the information on it!

Don’t Leave Your Computer Hanging

Even if you step away from your computer to get coffee, always lock your computer and make sure it is password protected. If you use a laptop, use a lock to secure your computer to your desk. Things can happen in the blink of an eye, especially at a busy office. Making sure you always lock your computer when you step away is an import habit to build into your day to day. 

Why Personal Mobile Devices Should Stay Personal

Try to avoid accessing password protected sites from your mobile device at all times. If you need to do so, make sure you're on a protected network. But a good rule of thumb to is to keep your personal mobile device person. 

When Traveling, Pack Lightly

If you travel for work, only take what you need. And we're not talking about packing less shoes! In terms of information security, only take the files that you absolutely need. Not only will this lighten your load but it will ensure that you files don't get lost or stolen. And if you're accessing files digitally, make sure you have them downloaded for offline access or you access them on a secure network. 

Building Good Habits Will Breed Security

Based on the tips in our last blog post and the bad habits listed in this one, that you will be able to make your office a more secure environment. These practices will flow from the top down, so if it's important that people in managerial positions are setting a good example for the rest of the employees. 


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