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5 Cyber Security Disaster Questions Every Boss Should Answer

If you’re a boss, cyber security should be at the top of your list for concerns for your company. As an employer there are 5 questions regarding cyber security disasters that you should be able to answer. In order for your employees to be educated about cyber security, you must be prepared to answer questions they might have. cyber security disaster

Identify Your Assets

In order to protect what’s important, you have to identify what that is. For most businesses this will include customer information, employee data and intellectual property. It’s impossible to protect against everything, so instead identify what’s critical and protect those assets.

Strengthen Your Access Points

Once you identify your critical assets, it’s time to protect them! One way to do this is to find your access points and strengthen them with passwords, multi-factor authentication and security software. Evaluate which access points your data is on, sometimes it could be multiple devices or just a singular computer. Many e-mail providers also provide tools to strengthen this access point because of the potential influx of spam and malware via email.

Install Your Cyber Fire Alarm

The problem with large scale breaches is that by the time they’re discovered, it’s too late because they’ve been going on for a long time without anyone knowing. Make sure to have a detection system in place to let you know when something is wrong.

Respond Effectively

One way to respond to a cyber security attack is to have all of your data backed up on the cloud with extra security around that. Before disaster strikes, make sure you have a response plan in mind. Another aspect to consider is how this hack effects your customers. Make sure to have a PR and legal response readily available to avoid a loss of time and money.

Recover Efficiently

Most hackers who hold data for ransom, bank on the fact that recovering it would be expensive and time-consuming for your company. To avoid falling into this trap, have a good recovery plan in place. Think of this as another component of risk management, and you and your team will be able to come up with a recovery plan. This starts from the culture you create in your organization. If you and your employees and clients use preventative measures, you’ll be able to recover from the threat.

It Starts from the Top

Being able to answer these questions means that you’re realistic because you understand that as the Internet grows, so does the risk for a cyber disaster. When and if disaster does strike, your team will look to you for answers, so it’s best to be prepared. 

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