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Why are Minnesota businesses switching from the "Big" records management companies and choosing Larson Records Management for their document management and storage?

Frustrated business person

Despite terrible customer service, lost files, high prices and hidden fees businesses owners feel stuck with their current "Big" Records Management Company.

Larson Records can make the move manageable >

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Top Security Risks for 2017


All of the data security risks that have been a problem for the industry will carry over to the new year. But some of these issues will grow at rapid speed. Be aware of theses risks and have a plan in place to combat them for the protection of your organization. 

‘Tis the Season to Secure Your Data


With the holidays approaching it's essential your business has a plan in place to secure sensitive data and documents during this chaotic time of year. With many distractions possible and the new fiscal year around the corner, start planning now!

Spam: How to Beware of this Internet Pest


Spam mail, commonly referred to as "junk" has been around since the dawn of the internet. While spam filters do a great job to keep this out of peoples' inboxes, cyber criminals are even better at find ways around this. Check out our tips on how to beware of spam and prevent it from infiltrating your email!

The DDOS Attack that Broke the Internet


Learn more about what caused the the DDOS attack that occurred two weeks ago and what this means for the cyber security industry!

5 Cyber Security Disaster Questions Every Boss Should Answer


If you're an employer, check out these 5 cyber security disaster questions you should be able to answer incase of a data breach. 

Bad Habits That Puts Company Data at Risk


Many of us perform actions everyday that put secure data at risk. Check out what the seven worst habits are, and why you should stop doing them right now!
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